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Thematic Focus

Our in-house thematic competences and partnerships enable the organization to provide a specialized support in development cooperation. It is necessary to integrate proven knowledge with development initiatives to achieve effective results. Intercooperation believes that the set of thematic competences of the organization are enhanced through synergizing with partners and fortified with the complimentary strengthens they bring along. We have gained our competences with long term engagement in the field, collaboration with partners, a close link with policy makers and stakeholders.

Climate Change


IC addresses climate change and variability both directly as a theme and also as a mainstreamed subject in other development interventions since IC believes that changing climate has a strong links with people’s livelihoods and security. IC is actively engaged in mainstreaming climate change related disaster risk management and preparedness (adaptation and mitigation) in its current programmes and projects. Climate change is addressed through, among others:

  • Active engagement in climate research, documenting farmers’ knowledge, experiences and perceptions on climate change and how they cope with the change.
  • Introducing adaptation to climate change based on climate scenario, particularly in the field of agriculture and water
  • Promoting energy efficiency at domestic level .
  • Strengthening community-based early warning systems strengthened through climate forecast application
  • Building capacities on climate change concepts and mechanisms provided under UNFCCC (government, NGOs)
  • Active engagement in disaster risk reduction measures (while most of the disasters have been hydrological in nature due to climate variability) using structural and biological means
  • Building capacities in communities for coping with disasters efficiently and effectively (preparedness)
  • Providing institutional support to Government in climate research and building capacity of government staff at various levels

One of the initiatives of Intercooperation was the training the officers from the newly established Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM) Cell and forest officers of the departments in all the provincial forest departments of the country specifically in writing Project Design Documents on Forestry so that in future they are able to sell Carbon Credits from the new plantations that they raise. Another one was a comprehensive training on Adaptation to Climate Change, Mitigation and REDD+.