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Welcome to Intercooperation Pakistan

Intercooperation (IC) has been actively engaged in the development sector right from its inception in 1982. In achieving its overall development goal, “A just world in which all women and men determine course of their lives in dignity and security, using environmental resources in a sustainable manner”, IC has been offering services in rural development with several stakeholders including communities and their groups, government, private sector organisations, research organisations, NGOs and several other expert institutions.

IC has worked on technical themes including agriculture, livestock, forestry, value chains, non-formal education and water.

IC is consistently engaged practical measures for adaptation to climate change and mitigating related disaster risks particularly focusing on rainfed and flood prone areas in KP and FATA. Intercooperation’s country strategy gives a high priority to strengthening community institutions and service providers, water governance, market system development and mainstreaming disaster risk reduction in development interventions.

We work closely with district and provincial governments in a mutual learning process as well as in identifying areas requiring policy improvement to improve lives and livelihoods of economically disadvantaged and marginalized people.


IC and SDC in AUP

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